Peter and Alice on the studio floor
Peter and Alice on the studio floor

Diverse skills and experience, combined with an innovative approach.

With a priority on artistic skills, we never stop trying new materials and techniques. Innovation combined with traditional skills, modern technology supporting experience, means that we like to think ‘anything is possible’.

Sister Act front cloth

Collaborating with Stage Designers to realise their designs to the highest possible standard.

Our underlying concern is to produce the perfect realisation of the Designers vision, we pride ourselves on our ability to give the Designer what they want, what ever that maybe!

Unique studio dedicated to painting and sculpting all types of scenery.

We paint all types of scenery, from dance floors to backcloths, from textured hard scenery to carved cliff faces. Our ‘one stop shop’ service for Production Managers offers them unparalleled convenience and consistency, and the Stage Designer a unified finish.

Working together with Scenic Builders to achieve the perfect stage set.

We  work closely with the top scenic constructors in the business.

Offering theatre craft skills to any event or business.

We can use our extensive experience in the theatre to work in any Industry, where the finest artistic painting is required.

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