Fathers and Sons 1Fathers and sons 4Fathers and sons 2

Donmar Warehouse June 2014

Director: Lindsey Turner

Designer: Rob Howell

Lighting Designer: James Farncombe

Set Builder: All Scene All Props

Challenges and Solutions
This set consisted of distressed and peeling boards which we treated before the set was built. Every board was hacked, wire brushed and sanded to bring out its grain before receiving layers of distressed paint. The result is entirely naturalistic.


La Corsaire Market
Act 1 The Slave Market.

La Corsaire Market detail

la Corsaire White
The White Palace

la corsaire redla Corsaire Gold  stuLa Corsaire goldLa Corsaire Boat20131011_210729 copy

Our first production we have painted for English National Ballet. We painted 4 Acts and clad the ship and sculpted the figure head.

Touring from Oct 2013

Client: English National Ballet

Staged by: Anna-Marie Holmes

Designer: Bob Ringwood

Lighting Designer: Neil Austin

Set Builder: Bower Woods Production Services

Challenges and Solutions
Because this show was touring, we needed to ensure that all the cloths stayed really soft. We chose to use printing inks to paint the cloths, which suited well the watercolour feel of Bob Ringwood’s beautiful design.


Glyndebourne Opera House, May 2014

Director: Richard Jones

Designer: Paul Steinberg

Lighting Designer: Mimi Jordan Sherin

Set Builder: Scot Fleary

Challenges and Solutions
Designer Paul Steinberg wanted a crisp printed feel to this set. There was some thought towards having the designs digitally printed but when this was abandoned we developed our own more artistic and flexible way of hand printing, which fitted the design brilliantly, even for the oversized wood effect in Act 2.